Retain Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy

At Garden Lakes Family Dentistry in Phoenix, we’re focused on doing everything we can to save your smile – and that means we do our best to help you avoid tooth extraction at all costs. If you’re experiencing significant pain or suspect you have a tooth that requires root canal therapy, call us today!

What’s involved in root canal therapy?

During root canal therapy, the inner pulp of the tooth is removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that any infection is removed. Our dentist then fills and seals the area with a rubber-like material to protect it from bacteria or other potential infections, and shields it with a composite filling or a dental crown.

Why is it so important to seek out immediate care for a tooth requiring root canal therapy?

If you have a tooth that requires this procedure, it’s crucial that you undergo treatment immediately as leaving it untreated could lead to severe pain and further oral and systemic damage.

Who can benefit from root canal therapy?

Patients who are experiencing severe pain from a tooth that’s sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, or is badly broken or decayed, may require root canal therapy. If you suspect you may be in need of this procedure, don’t wait! Call us now.

Do you have questions or are you interested in having one or more of your teeth assessed by our team? Call today!

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  • Relieve tooth pain
  • Eradicate decay and damage
  • Mitigate infection in the tooth and gum
  • Avoid extraction
  • Maintain your natural smile!