Maintain A Healthy Smile With Regular Checkups & Cleanings

Dental cleanings and checkups are vital to maintaining good oral health. At Garden Lakes Family Dentistry in Phoenix, we know that when patients prioritize receiving regular dental care, it not only enables us to detect the early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and more, but it helps prevent a number of serious health problems that can arise when oral issues are left untreated.

What happens during a dental checkup and cleaning appointment?

To start, our experts will thoroughly examine your mouth for any signs of dental issues. We also remove plaque and tartar from your teeth with special instruments, and should there be causes for concern, we may recommend having x-rays taken to ensure any issues are caught early. We’ll also recommend applying a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your enamel and prevent cavities.

What benefits are associated with these services?

In addition to helping reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease, they help us detect problems in their earliest stages, thus preventing more serious issues from arising. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your teeth looking their best!

How often should I have my teeth cleaned and examined?

We recommend that patients see us at least every six months. Those who are experiencing advanced gum disease (periodontitis) and have a higher risk of decay may require more frequent visits to protect their smiles in the short and long term.

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are essential for keeping your mouth healthy and happy! If you have any questions about dental cleanings and checkups, contact Garden Lakes Family Dentistry today. We are happy to help you understand the importance of these services and how they can benefit your oral health.


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