Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening in Phoenix, AZ

When you smile at someone, the smile you give tells more about who you are than all your physical features put together. Your smile is the very first thing people will notice and remember about you. Get to be more confident in yourself by making your smile more perfect. Imagine what you could do with a brighter, whiter smile

Having your teeth whitened could be one of the easiest things you might ever do to improve your total appearance. Studies are proving that more people are keeping their original teeth their entire lifetime, and as you age, so do your teeth. The years of drinking tea, cola, coffee, red wine, and smoking will pile up on your teeth and make the color dull.

Tooth whitening can improve your smile drastically and quickly, but there are so many whitening choices available, how does one choose the right whitening choice? Ask your dentist.

When you come to Garden Lakes Family Dentistry, we will evaluate your teeth and assess your unique situation regarding teeth whitening and give you our assessment as to whether you need the take-home application or the in-office chairside bleach method.

The Take-Home Teeth Whitening Method

The whitening of your teeth will involve applying and wearing a thin, but transparent tray made of plastic molded to your teeth that is used to hold the bleaching solution in contact with your tooth’s surface.

The Procedure

Garden Lakes Family Dentistry will give you your kit that includes a custom mouthpiece, the whitening material, and the complete instructions. You will need to place the Polawhite-Gel in the trays each day and then wear the trays on your teeth for a specific amount of time. The most common plan is that you wear them an hour, once each day, for 14 days straight, and during that time Dr. Wildung may call you into his office so they can check your progress.

Tray & Solution

When you go to the teeth whitening dentist near you for your first visit, Garden Lakes Family Dentistry will make models of your teeth so he/she can create your custom trays to be made specifically for your teeth. The trays will be made for your teeth and your teeth only, and they will not fit anyone else’s teeth. The trays are constructed of extremely thin, clear plastic.

There Are the Pros

Currently, it is the most effective and proven method of teeth whitening. It is not only safe but easy to use, and it is not only affordable but has lasting results. It is easy to stay with your treatment plan as you are the one that chooses when the best time is to wear your trays every day.

Then the Cons

Talk to Dr. Wildung should any side effects show themselves or become bothersome. Your teeth might start becoming sensitive during the time that you are using the solution. Some will experience irritation of their soft tissue, which could be from a tray that does not fit well or from the solution itself that is encountering your tissues.

Our Results are Guaranteed

There are very few cases that you will find that has been unsatisfactory. Here at Dr. Wildung, we have been surprised by the amazing results that we have achieved over our past ten years.

Chairside bleaching is a procedure that can be finished in just one 90-minute visit to a teeth whitening dentist in Phoenix. Over the years, we’ve helped countless patients from all over Phoenix, including the areas of Gateway Crossing, Garden Lakes, Estates at Garden Lakes, Westridge Glen, Trailwood, Westwind, Villa De Paz, Morlen Meadows, and Camelback Ranch. We’d love to do the same for you! Visit our dental office, conveniently located at W Indian School Rd, N 107th Ave, to schedule your appointment.

The Procedure

  • A protective substance is placed to shield your tongue, gums, and lips, but will expose your teeth.
  • A lubricant is then applied to any gums that are exposed for further protection.
  • The tooth whitening agent is then applied that contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Once whitening is complete, Garden Lakes Family Dentistry will contour your teeth so it will improve your teeth’s shape and polish them.
  • Teeth whitening is perfectly safe as it does not damage your enamel.
  • The whitening is permanent, but your teeth can get darker as you age. If you wear the take-home whitening trays every six months and use them for 1-2 days, it will keep your white color bright.
  • Whitening toothpaste is not effective because the active ingredients contained in them are so much lower in concentrations than those in-home bleaching kits.