Your Teeth Can Receive Additional Protection with Fluoride Treatments at the Dentists Office

Your Teeth Can Receive Additional Protection with Fluoride Treatments at the Dentists Office

Nov 01, 2019

Dental caries or tooth decay is caused by bacteria that produce acid which collects around the teeth and gums in a sticky and clear film known as plaque. If you do not maintain proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams your teeth become vulnerable to caries. You can find help to remove the plaque from your teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing after every meal. It is also important for you to undergo regular dental examinations and cleanings to keep your teeth healthy.

You can provide your teeth additional benefits from fluoride treatments which is a mineral that can help to prevent caries and repair the teeth in the early microscopic stages of an infection. Fluoride is available in two forms namely topical and systemic.

A fluoride treatment in Phoenix will be available to you from the Phoenix dentist or even the dentist near you as most professionals in this category can provide this treatment. You may receive a recommendation for using topical fluoride treatments from dentist 85037 because this can be applied directly to the enamel of the teeth. They are available in the form of tubes of toothpaste and mouth rinses besides fluoride treatments in the dental office.

Systemic fluorides are the variables that need to be swallowed and some of the prime examples of these are fluoridated water and dietary supplements of fluoride. The maximum benefits against dental caries are achieved by people that receive fluoride treatments both topically as well as systematically.

Why Should You Visit a Dentists Office for Fluoride Treatments?

Dentists have been providing in-office fluoride treatments for decades to help adults and children protect their oral health. It has proven beneficial especially for individuals that are at a high risk of developing caries. Some of the factors that increase the risks of an individual developing caries include the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • An infection of active caries.
  • Lack of professional dental care regularly.
  • Orthodontic treatments are ongoing combined with improper oral hygiene.
  • High levels of bacteria causing the infection of caries in the mouth.
  • Root surfaces of the teeth that are exposed.
  • Decreased flow of saliva resulting in dry mouth.
  • Poor diet.
  • Existing fillings or restorations.
  • Defects in the tooth enamel.
  • Undergoing radiation therapy for the head and neck.

Individuals dealing with any of the conditions mentioned above are suggested to obtain fluoride treatment in Phoenix from a qualified dentist.

Professional Fluoride Treatments Can Help People Susceptible to the Risks of Caries

If you or a member of your family is at a high risk of developing caries you will receive help from dentist Phoenix AZ. The dentist’s office will be using a fluoride preparation that has higher concentration levels than is available in toothpaste or fluoride mouth rinses that are commonly available in stores or pharmacies.

The treatments provided by the dentist in Phoenix will only require a few minutes. The fluoride applied may be in the form of a gel, foam or varnish. Generally, it is applied by a cotton swab or brush. It may also be used as a rinse or placed in a tray that is held in the mouth for several minutes.

Patients will be requested not to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after the treatment to allow it to be absorbed by the teeth for helping to repair microscopic mysterious areas. The treatments will be recommended to patients depending on the condition of their oral health every three, six or 12 months. The dentist in Phoenix may also recommend additional preventive measures to patients that are displaying a high risk of developing caries. The measure may include therapeutic products available over-the-counter in the form of gels, antibacterial mouthwashes, and mouth rinses.

Types of Products That Must Be Preferred over the Others

People are advised to look for products with the acceptance seal of the American Dental Association. The products displaying the seal of the ADA have been examined stringently by the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs and have met the criteria specified by them for safety and effectiveness. It is strongly suggested that people avoid using products that are not approved by the ADA because they are ineffective and will not prove beneficial when dealing with the problem of caries in the mouth.