What to Do If a Friend or Family Member Has a Dental Emergency

What to Do If a Friend or Family Member Has a Dental Emergency

Jun 16, 2019

It is ever imagined what will you do if any of your friend or family member gets a severe tooth pain at the dining table? The dentist in Phoenix is there for any kind of urgent help that you require. An emergency can happen at any point in time, so it is necessary to know what to do during that.

An emergency can be when one of your friends accidentally bites down on a bone and breaks off a piece of their tooth, exposing the nerve or a crown has fallen off. It is important to understand the urgent and non-urgent emergencies and react accordingly.

Urgent emergencies

In such situations, the patient should be immediately taken to the dentist near you or the nearest medical emergency room for short-term treatment. The urgent emergency can be defined as when the person is experiencing unbearable pain or has bleeding that won’t stop after a short period.

The best thing would be if you could find a dentist in Phoenix, if not then the emergency room personnel can at least alleviate the pain and stop the bleeding but cannot perform an extraction. The main problem can be solved by only a dentist in 85037.

The condition might even affect the rest of the body, so it’s better to get them to the dentist near you. This would be better than some heavy infections, such as abscesses which can migrate into the bloodstream and cause serious trouble, and fast.

Non- urgent emergencies

Under such emergencies, the patient can wait until the dentist in Phoenix AZ is to be found and can be adequately treated. To be aware of what to do it is always better to keep such articles handy and help your friend or family member in need.

There are certain situations that fall under the non-urgent emergency, such as A cracked or broken tooth which is not causing much pain, a filling that might come out, food lodged between the teeth, a mild toothache, a broken retainer or a loose crown or bridge. You can visit the dentist in Phoenix under such circumstances.