Some Facts and Myths about Invisalign® That You Did Not Know

Some Facts and Myths about Invisalign® That You Did Not Know

Feb 01, 2020

Have you ever thought of a spoiled smile? Does the thought of a damaged smile scare you? If so, keep a check on your smile and do not forget to visit the dentist every six months. It helps in maintaining your smile to perfection. Most people especially teenagers have a problem with the alignment of their teeth. They always wonder about teeth straightening.

Broken, chipped, cracked, and misaligned teeth are always a problem for everyone. Dentists recommend braces to help you in achieving a better smile.
With modern dentistry, the trend of teeth alignment has changed. Dentists now recommend aligners or Invisalign for alignment instead of the traditional braces. The treatment is not painful at all and you get a more beautiful smile.

The traditional braces are composed of metallic wires and brackets which may hurt after some time. The treatment process is also painful. The modern treatment is less painful and more beneficial. Here are some benefits of the treatment that might interest you.

Better Appearance

Conventional braces do not look good. They can negatively affect your smile but with clear aligners, the problem is solved. The aligners are transparent. Your teeth align without damaging your appearance. Their clarity makes your smile brighter and you look better.

You Feel Comfortable

Traditional braces make the patient uncomfortable. It is not easy to become habitual of some brackets and wires on your teeth. Aligners make you feel more comfortable. You do not feel them and the weight is not a problem either.

Low Maintenance, Higher Benefits

Dental visits every six months are enough with this solution. You do not have to be at the clinic every month to get the braces tightened. The maintenance requirements of the aligners are low but the benefits are more than you can think of.

Protection from Other Problems

Oral hygiene is maintained with Invisalign. Teeth straightening is not the only benefit you get but other problems are treated as well. If you have any chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, these aligners can treat them. Before & after results are amazing.

These are just a few benefits but the treatment is miraculous in terms of results. Unfortunately, several myths are associated with this treatment. You might hear about them if you decide to get this treatment process. Here are some of those myths that can spoil the reputation of this procedure.

Only Orthodontics Provide Invisalign

This is the first misconception you will hear. Every dentist is not an orthodontist. Orthodontics has specialized in providing the treatment but that does not make a general dentist any less. The dentist near you can also provide this treatment. Both professionals can provide this treatment.

Invisalign Is an Extremely Expensive Process

This is another common misconception. This procedure is not expensive. Anyone can benefit from it. Insurance may also cover the expense sometimes. Do not sit back with the thought that it is an expensive choice to make.

The Solution Is For the Young Ones Only

Age does not matter. Your oral condition matters the most. The process is not restricted to a specific age group. It does not matter if you are 40 or 18. The procedure benefits everyone.

Speech Is Affected with This Process

Your speech stays the same if you get this treatment. This is another misconception that prevents people from getting their teeth aligned. This is a painless treatment and the teeth are aligned earlier. That does not mean that your speech will be affected. Aligners fit your teeth with precision. You can carry them easily and your speech stays the same.

Invisalign Has Eating Restrictions

Foodies can also get this treatment. There are no restrictions associated with this process. You can eat and drink anything you want. Just follow a good oral hygiene routine. Brush and floss daily and use mouth rinses. There is only one restriction. Smoking is restricted. The dentist will not ask you to quit but it is better to reduce the intake. The transparency of aligners is affected which is not good for the appearance.

Invisalign is a wonderful treatment process that helps people treat cracked, chipped, broken, or misaligned teeth. If you are searching for an orthodontics or general dentist, visit our facility right away. Our dentists will assure the right aligners and better procedure. If you have any queries, call us or visit our clinic now.