Should You Be Using Financing Options for Dental Emergencies?

Should You Be Using Financing Options for Dental Emergencies?

Jan 21, 2020

Dental emergencies have a habit of striking you when least expected making it necessary for you to rush to a dentist looking for emergency dental care. The problem in your mouth becomes even more compounded if you are short on finances and do not have dental insurance to pay for the costs of the treatment. It can be difficult for you to bear the costs of all dental procedures that may be needed making it necessary for you to search for financing options nearby for help.

Financing is indeed possible to make dental care manageable by spreading the costs over a period but may involve the use of a credit card. At this point, you would be concentrating on the problem in your mouth and can make mistakes that you regret later. Therefore you must ensure how credit finance plans function before you decide on any financial option. We suggest some rules you should follow without exceptions.

Only Use Financing If You Can Afford It

A common emergency like a chipped tooth will not cost you a lot to repair. It would be beneficial if you ignored financial plans for such emergencies and only considered them if you need extensive treatment for a broken or severely fractured tooth. However, if you need financing for a major problem you need to understand the monthly payment requirements of your plan. A monthly minimum will be set by every plan but making just the minimum payment may not be sufficient to pay off the balance before the no-interest period (if any) of the offer ends. Therefore you must consider the following:

Calculate how much you can afford to pay every month by considering the financing offers minimum monthly payment. Try to understand whether paying the minimum amount every month will make it possible for you to pay off the entire balance at the end of the offer period? If you cannot clear the entire balance within the period specified what is the additional sum you would have to pay every month. Also, consider the interest that will be charged to you monthly to understand whether you can afford it or the interest is fixed.

Understand How the Financing Plan Is Charging the Interest

When you search for financing options you will come across two types of financing offers. One will be charging you no interest and the other low interest.

Healthcare credit cards are prominent in offering no-interest financing options. They generally give you a short time to pay off your balance in about 6 to 18 months. You will also be required to pay a minimum monthly payment and any balance left over within the period provided. You will be liable to pay interest if you fail to make the payments as scheduled.

Longer terms are offered by low-interest financing options that give you a time span of at least five years. The payments are equated into monthly installments and payments must be made every month. The interest will be added to your balance starting from the original date of purchase.

Understand the Agreement before You Sign on It

A financing option even for dental care is a financial commitment and trying to understand your options and obligations can improve both your financial as well as dental health. Request for copies of every document you are asked to sign. Do not hesitate to ask any questions in your mind upfront to make sure you have understood the financing plan in its entirety.

A dental emergency will not only hurt your mouth but also your wallet because you may be required to undergo expensive dental work. A knocked-out tooth or a severe fracture will need extensive treatment from dentists in Phoenix or anywhere in America. Dentists will be sympathetic to the problem you are facing but will nevertheless charge you for any services they provide. They may offer you some discounts if you are familiar with them or are a regular patient. However, with costs rising significantly over the years dentists will find it impossible to offer you major discounts and will eventually present you with a bill for the treatment. If you have the financing options in your possession you may be in a position to obtain the treatments as needed immediately. If not, you may have to delay the treatment and wait until you have the finances ready to correct the problems in your mouth.