Dental Implants – Types and Procedure

Dental Implants – Types and Procedure

May 01, 2021

If you lost a tooth or two, you must be self-conscious about the gap when in public. Taking can also prove challenging for you. With poor eating habits, the mouth is likely to develop secondary issues.

Dental implants provide a permanent restoration for any lost tooth. Tooth implants in cosmetic dentistry are long lasting because they replace the tooth root to the crowns. They also promote bone regeneration which prevents bone loss due to a gap in the tooth.


Before settling for an implant procedure, you will go through several dental specialists. This includes a doctor specializing in diagnoses mouth, jaw and face conditions, a periodontist for gums and bones conditions and a prosthodontist who designs artificial teeth.

The evaluation appointments include the following.

  • Comprehensive dental exam. The exam may include a series of dental X-rays and digital 3D images to create models of your teeth and jaw.
  • Medical history. The endodontist needs to check your past medical conditions and any medication you currently take, including any over-the-counter drugs currently prescribed.