Benefits of Invisalign® In Orthodontics

Benefits of Invisalign® In Orthodontics

Sep 01, 2020

Proper dental care cannot be offered in one specialty of dentistry. The different services are only best offered through distinct areas of dental care so that all patients receive optimal treatment for their oral needs.

In orthodontics, the concern is usually about the alignment of the jawbone and the teeth thereof. Any effort to restructure the jawbone and reposition teeth that can be made is made. The successes in orthodontics are only possible because of oral appliances like Invisalign®, among others. Read on to learn the benefits thereof.

What Is Invisalign?

It is a type of teeth aligners that are used to straighten teeth in a mouth and realign jaws. This type of dental braces is employed as alternative teeth aligners for patients who are interested in something far different from traditional metal braces.

Invisalign aligners are commonly termed as clear aligners or invisible teeth aligners because of how they appear. They feature a transparent plastic-like material fashioned into a tray. The tray is customized for the individual needs of patients, so that one clear aligner may not be suitable for two patients. As every orthodontic case is unique, invisible teeth aligners target the unique needs of patients.

​How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

​A Phoenix dentist will present this treatment as an alternative procedure for patients who have to go through orthodontic treatment. In most cases, it is adults that prefer this technique over using the typical metal teeth aligners.

Unlike other teeth aligners, Invisalign is made of a plastic-like material. This warrants that it works differently from the rest. While it still relies on controlled pressure, there is more to it. The first set of clear teeth aligners you get will begin your first round of orthodontics. After a couple of weeks, your dentist will call you in for a change in the aligners. This routine continues for several weeks, as per the treatment plan created for you by your dentist.

An important rule-of-thumb with this treatment is that you must wear your aligners for between 20-22 hours every day. This way, you ensure that your treatment is not of course, even as the teeth aligners are removable.

​Top Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

Teeth aligners as unique as invisible teeth aligners have to have some benefits that compel patients to choose them over other aligners. It is the case with Invisalign, especially among adult patients. Some of those benefits are:

  1. Improved comfort levels – discomfort in dentistry is one of the things that make people’s faces cringe. No one likes the idea of discomfort, leave alone pain. With orthodontic treatments, it is difficult to avoid some soreness in your mouth as treatment continues. However, Invisalign aligners have come to the rescue of many by improving the comfort levels significantly. The nature of the material used provides a smooth surface for which the lips and gums glide on comfortably. Besides, you do not need to worry about metal brackets and wires that can irritate your tongue and gums if you aren’t careful.
  2. Flexibility and removability – another problem with orthodontic treatment come in as food restrictions. When you have metal brackets and wires crisscrossing in your mouth, food restrictions are bound to happen. Fortunately, this is not the case with invisible teeth aligners. Ideally, you can remove them from your mouth as many times as you want, as long as you do not overlook the 20-hour mark for wearing them. With the few hours you have in your day, you can pick and choose what to eat, without any restrictions linked to your clear teeth aligners.
  3. Aesthetics – one of the most compelling reasons that people get Invisalign aligners is aesthetics. They are made with a clear plastic-like material. This allows you to showcase your smile even while you undergo treatment. Besides, wouldn’t you say that a clear plastic material on your teeth is inconspicuous compared to metal brackets and wires of traditional teeth aligners? This is the main reason why adults prefer Invisalign to other teeth aligners.
  4. Effective – invisible teeth aligners are not just pretty. Even with cosmetic advantages and increased comfort levels, these teeth aligners are still as effective as any other type. They are great for repositioning teeth and correcting alignment issues of the jaw. However, they are best known for correcting mild and moderate orthodontic issues.