A Tooth Test to Determine Your Oral Hygiene

A Tooth Test to Determine Your Oral Hygiene

Aug 16, 2019

Oral health and hygiene is something which needs real care. If you wish to take proper care of your dental health, you must not ignore the healthy oral habits as suggested by the dentist at Phoenix. Just by conducting oral hygiene test you can know that are you taking right care or not?

When oral hygiene really matters, you can ask some questions to yourself to know your overall dental hygiene. As per dentist at Phoenix AZ, these are questions, answering which you can determine how well you are taking care of your teeth.

  • Do you brush twice a day?
  • Do you use dentist-approved, or ADA Seal of Acceptance products?
  • Do you use a mouth-guard while playing sports to avoid mouth injury?
  • Do you avoid mouth jewelry or lip rings which can risk or damage your overall oral health?
  • Do you use safe teeth whitening products? Have you consulted about this with your dentist?
  • Have you visited a dental clinic for discussing your complete dental history?
  • Do you include a healthy diet and avoid sugary food and drinks?
  • Do you avoid hard chewing food and candies that can break your teeth?
  • Have you got a checkup of your dental conditions?
  • Do you go for regular checkup with the dentist?

By answering these questions you can decide your oral health. As per dentist at 85037, there are guidelines for the same.

  • If your answer to 1 to 4 questions is yes, you are not conscious about your oral health and you need improvement.
  • If your answer to 5 to 9 questions is yes, your oral health is ok, but it may need improvement.
  • If you answer all 10 questions is yes, your oral health is great.

This is a simple way to analyze your own dental health but if you are still concern about your overall oral health and need a suggestion, you may make a visit to the dentist near you.